Brand strategy  – make customers, employees, and communities care about your brand. 

 Strategic planning  – looking ahead, commitment to accomplish goals, adaptability to change, and efficient strategy implementation are key to deliver a long-term vision and make a lasting impact.

 Inclusive product development  – we help you build products/services that are accessible to and usable by the greatest variety of people.

 Inclusive marketing  – by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes, you create solutions and experiences that resonate deeply with them and make them feel heard, seen, and understood.

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 Experience working differently – Broaden your horizons and create a brand that lasts 

Our US/EU team relies on combining complementary experiences and strengths to unlock bolder and better inclusive strategies. Beyond our business skills, we bring multicultural intelligence, consumer empathy, and customer compassion to help you achieve more.

Tiffany has spent most of her career developing luxury brands at the international level. With an amazing eye for inclusive design, she is an expert at adapting brands, products, and services to individual needs.

Emilie has extensive knowledge of online/offline customer experience (CX) thanks to her work across multiple industries. Our clients benefit from her deep understanding of consumer behavior and her ability to spot trends early on.

We are creative thinkers who come to your specific challenges with different perspectives to find the most innovative solution. We bring you new insights from other industries and countries along with a network of diverse and inclusive insiders to make sure we answer all strategic, business, and social concerns.

In addition to fueling creativity and innovation with a fresh perspective, we want to prepare you for what’s next. Our team works on spotting trends and changes in behavior to open you up to new ideas and untapped markets, therefore identifying new business opportunities.

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