We are Tiffany Berrier and Emilie Dhélens-Tormo, founders of VIBE Creative Consulting. The idea behind our collaboration sparked right in the middle of the 2017 Women’s March in New York City. While reflecting on our careers and personal lives, we decided to team up and help brands do better by adopting a human-centered approach.

After 15 years into our respective careers, we surely had seen companies struggling to expand into new markets. How can you connect with consumers if you do not understand them first? How can you engage with customers without adapting to their behaviors? How can you last in the market if you do not know what they care for?

By putting together our experiences living and working in different multicultural environments, we guide our clients through adapting their products/services to individual needs. Relying on the traditional way of choosing the right customer for your business is irrelevant. We believe that customers today should be able to choose whatever brand they see as an extension of themselves. We make sure that when they choose you, you are ready to deliver and make a lasting impact.

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 VIBE Creative Consulting stands for 

Vision + Impact + Sales supporting progress with a clear vision leads to profits and sustainable success.

Integrity – we are doing our very best to live every day in alignment with our values, and we expect our clients’ actions to be consistent with their words too.

Belonging – beyond Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity, it matters to us that our clients work on fostering a sense of Belonging in the workplace and creating a sense of community among their customers.

Education learning is a never-ending process. We value curiosity, open-mindedness, and tolerance as we believe that we can learn from every situation.

Creativity + Innovation – we draw inspiration from everywhere and think outside the box to come up with new and exciting ideas to implement.

Challenging the status quo – our clients have the power to make people’s lives better. We support them in taking risks and adopting positive leadership behavior.

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