Our story

We are Tiffany and Emilie, founders of VIBE Creative Consulting. Our consulting firm is dedicated to developing killer marketing strategies for our clients, with a primary focus on adaptation and alignment with new or changing consumer behavior

VIBE Creative Consulting was founded in New York City (USA) in 2017 and expanded to Paris and Biarritz (France) in 2018. We started this consulting business 15 years into our respective international careers, after witnessing many companies struggling to enter and grow a new market. The common thread was the lack of effort to understand, embrace and ultimately adapt to the behaviors, culture, rules, and codes of the new target audience.  

We decided to put together both our experiences living and working abroad so we can offer our clients accurate and pragmatic solutions based on the “Adapt to win” business approach over the traditional and ineffective “Copy and Paste” method. 

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Our values

To keep up with the changing environment, stay relevant, and stand out, we believe that businesses that are genuine and intentional about adapting stand a better chance at remaining on target and being successful. 

As a result, we strongly support purpose-driven companies that are willing to fully embrace innovation, sustainability, diversity, and inclusion in order to grow and positively impact the community

Over the course of our past experiences, we identified the best client relationships to be based on transparency, open-mindedness, responsiveness, and optimism. We put a lot of energy into cultivating the best work atmosphere so our clients feel relaxed, focused, and intellectually stimulated.    

Our US/Europe team

To learn about our work, inspirations, and insights, follow us on Instagram @vibecreativeconsulting

Tiffany Berrier (left on picture) LinkedIn profile

After 12 years abroad, including 8 years in the United States, Tiffany returned to France to develop VIBE Creative Consulting in Europe. 

She previously held the strategic positions of Director of Merchandising, Sales and Marketing. Tiffany provides our clients with unique insights and a compelling vision of the Women’s Apparel and Luxury markets, thanks to 15 years in the Lingerie industry (Chantelle, Passionata, Chantal Thomass). Her extensive international experience (North America, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and emerging markets) makes her an expert at adapting strategies locally.

Emilie Dhélens-Tormo (right on picture) LinkedIn profile

Emilie has been living in the U.S. for the past 10 years, where she now develops VIBE Creative Consulting. 

Our clients benefit from her deep understanding of the American and French consumers that she gained as a Retail Manager. She has an extensive knowledge of the Women’s and Children’s Apparel industries as she worked for Catimini, Petit Bateau and Comptoir des Cotonniers. She also previously worked as a PR Consultant at Euro RSCG C&O (Havas) where she was in charge of managing the reputation of large corporations. Her work at an independent record label at the beginning of her career gave her an understanding of the challenges faced by small businesses. As an expert in customer experience, Emilie advises clients on strategic decisions in Branding, Marketing, Sales and Communications.

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